Tuesday, September 29

Do you want to be ... a Filipino?

As I have read this book by Bob Ong entitled "Bakit Baligtad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino?", a question was left on my mind. A question answered by uncontented people a no and the contented ones yes. Now let me be the one to ask the question to you, Do you want to be a Filipino?
For me this will be a yes, but not because I'm contented but because I know that being a Filipino is unique.
Being unique is not being different but being one of a kind in other words rare or special. The first uniqueness of Filipinos is in the food. Where and when else in the world can you find the famously known as boiled fertilized duck egg locally known as the "Balut"? or the fried day old chicks? Of course it is only here in the Philippines.
Other countries say that going to the Philippines is bad because of the place. What can I say? Philippines is dirty, Filipinos are obnoxious and there are trashes everywhere. But again, where in the world can you see little children running without any clothing or children looking for recyclable materials in the dump site? Only in the Philippines. Another one , a welcome banner that say "Welcome to the Philippines, the only Catholic country in Asia" but under that says "Beware of pickpockets." or a sign that say "Bawal tumae sa Boulevard". Those signs are only in the Philippines.
I know that these are all negative approaches but still I want to be a Filipino not because I was born a Filipino but because of it's cultural diversity only found in the Philippines. Maybe a thousand reasons may come out to persuade you not to be a Filipino but only one reason can change all of that.

This is the article that I made when I was still in TIP. I liked this article because it shows how we really Filipinos are unique. Well, relating it to psychology, it shows how the behavior of each Filipino reflects in the way they act. Unique as to what I say but it is unique in a good way.
This article really made me think that am I really that proud of being a Filipino? If I would throw that question to you, maybe before reading this article you would say yes but at to some point even doubt yourself. If behavior describes a person, then we Filipinos are very ill mentally. Well where in the world would you see such obnoxious things? It would only be here in the Philippines.
Maybe Sigmund Freud labelled the id of Filipinos as mere pleasure but we have a different kind of pleasure. It is somewhat obnoxious to others but to us it is really pleasurable. I would say that we Filipinos have a different kind of id to other races but this difference is for me a very good difference.
We might be labelled as mentally ill because of the things that we do here in the Philippines. We have our own ways of doing things that other races might think that it would be bad doing it. I do not know the origins of these habits but one thing i know, we have made it common to our culture thus whatever or whoever opposes it will be thought of as a leftist.
The pleasure of Filipinos is somewhat really out of this world but we have our own understanding of our own pleasures. We cannot be judged by our culture or how we live. Nobody has the right to judge us because we live on our own and each one is unique to his own.
This is the video url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgCRNG3bwTI

I do not like this video but this video has really caught my attention. Is it necessary for us to be really famous? What makes a person famous? What should we do to be famous?
This video really shows that people would do anything just to be famous. as what in the video says, anybody can go out in a commercial and then become famous. as to what the notion says, necessity is the mother of invention. Was Youtube invented just to be a site where videos of anyone and about anything could be posted? Is there a need for people to post their videos wherein they would show how they would just do anything?
The behavior of people usually describes who they are. If I would assess these people then I would think that they might have attention deficit. Why would you post your video on youtube wherein people all around the world will see and watch how you simply degrade your moral self. But what they see is the other side, people enjoy seeing themselves on the internet thinking that if they would see themselves then they are famous. Fame, maybe it is a necessity, that is why many people put their videos about anything on the internet. I too once thought that if i saw myself on the internet then I would be famous. Maybe it is the reason why many filipinos wave and smile at the camera even though the background is a burning house or any disaster. Maybe we really just have a hunger for fame. If not then why do politicians put their initials or if not their initials, their faces on anything that is related to their projects? Why would we take a pose whenever and wherever the camera is being pointed to? Why are there people who put their videos on youtube?
Well, what would you think of such behavior? Would you just post your video and watch the views not knowing if the people watching it enjoys it or is being disgusted by what they are watching? I did not like this video because it gives us an idea how idiotic this people would go just to have the 4-letter word that drives almost anyone crazy, FAME.